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Natala's Book Room

Natala Orobello ~ Author of Destined for Greatness and Forbidden: A Love Story.

Here are some reviews:
December 4, 2007
By T.
Natala Orobello writes with the understanding and sensitivity that great authors have. Natala's characters are well developed, the settings are vivid, and the enthralling story of Eugene makes this book impossible to put down. The plot of this book was intriguing. Ms. Orobello puts scenarios together that are great for discussion and reflection. The question of who is God and where is God in our own lives is something this book doesn't answer, but points out the need to have thought out answers for ourselves. It is a well-crafted great read! I am looking forward to reading her next novel.

November 29, 2007

By Dawn Marie
Inspiring and entertaining. The first night I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I eventually had to and could not wait to pick it back up again. The author brought the characters alive and I could not wait to see what would happen to them next. This book touched on so many issues: real-life problems confronting young people, our purpose in our world, how our actions, inactions, and relationships can create a domino effect and affect thousands of other people around us and generations to follow. And I especially liked the insight into the often-asked question "Why does God let bad things happen?" I will now look at many things going on in my life in a new light. And I felt very fulfilled at the
end of the book. Oftentimes I feel left hanging at best and most often left empty. Thank you, Natala, for a beautiful book. I look forward to many more!

Great Read, November 27, 2007
By Ella
The book "Destined for Greatness" is an amazing story about Life,Death,& Love. It examines how we all have a place in this world. It speaks to the fact that all our lives are intertwined and we all have the ability to be positive and powerful in the lives of others around us. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a story that will challenge you to think about your life and how you can achieve greatness with the talents and gifts you were blessed with.

Amazing book, I didn't want it to end., November 27, 2007
By louis (Tampa, Fl)
Now, I don't read many books, however, from the moment I started the book I LOVED IT!!! Each chapter left me wanting more, I never thought a book could make me feel so many emotions. It was trully an inspiration and allowed me to look at myself, and not only appreciate what I have but see what I could do better. Thank you Natala for writing this book, I know it will touch ma
ny lives. You've made me feel like I am Destined for greatness. I can't wait to share this book with others.
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Destined For Greatness was speaking to me the whole time I was reading it., November 27, 2007
By "Sherry" (Florida)
The whole time I was reading this book, I swear it was talking directly at me. What am I doing with my life? Am I listening to God when he speaks to me, or am I listening to what I only want to hear? Am I doing what I should be doing? Is it too late to change? This book brought all these thoughts to my head, would I be like Eugene and get a second chance? So many questions came to me as well as many answers. Things happen for a reason, and we always questions the reason why. I enjo
yed the book for the beginning to the end. I couldn't put it down. I truly recommend the reading of this novel to anyone who has ever wondered why or why not.

I began writing Destined for Greatness nearly five years ago. It is my first published novel, and I have another that is expected to be released in 2009. Destined for Greatness is a story about relationships. Spiritual relationships as well as temporal ones. This unique novel contemplates universal questions and attempts to answer them with the simplicity of a child and the complexity of a philosophical guru. Destined for Greatness examines the lives of various individuals. Each character depicts life choices we as humans invariably must make and how those choices can change our destiny for better or worse. The novel answers the controversial questions: Do we have free will? Are we fully responsible for our own destinies? How can we make the best choices for ourselves? When do we know we are making bad choices? The answers come through the actions of the lead characters, Eugene, Maureen, Elizabeth, Michael, Rachel, and Aleta.
Destined for Greatness is a compact novel, an easy read with only
one hundred and forty pages. I did not elaborate the obvious; I did not want to belabor the point; instead, I deliver my story with precision.

Forbidden: A Love Story is a narrative based on fact. The telling of Fortunata and Giuseppi was my way of immortalizing my mother's and father's love for each other for my children, grand children and the many generations to come.
Set in Italy during the Great Depression and the rise of Benito Mussolini, one learns about the hardships individuals and families experienced during those tumultuous times. Their love was profound and eternal.
Original love letters, recipes and the story create a comprehensive look at the life of Fortunata and Giuseppi.
Forbidden: A Love Story was released August 1, 2009.

I have been teaching for twenty-one years and most recently at Edison College. I was born in Italy in the Island of Sicily. My experiences, diverse culture and background in psychology provide a colorful background for my story.
I am available for speaking engagements and my presentations are varied, depending on the audience. I am most interested in speaking at high schools and colleges. My topics include peer counseling and group counseling in schools, writing your first novel, achieving your own greatness, and the complexities of writing Destined for Greatness.
I may be reached at
I will be appearing at the following locations during the next couple of months.

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