Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is Life

When daffodils no longer bloom
and skies no longer blue
cry we, "Armageddon?"
Sometimes the grass goes brown
and flowers wilt from the noon sun.
A gunman shoots innocence
like in Tucson just a few days ago.
We live as generations before us
and generations after us.
We live in difficult times.
We cannot hide from the disparity of life
nor can we hide from its beauty.
For when daffodils die away,
there's a promise of rebirth
and when the sun is gray
there's a promise of rain.
Where there is violence
there is also love and goodness.
When difficulties arise there's a promise
for there is no Armageddon
There is no one to blame
It is simply life
The good, bad, and ugly.

What Happens?

I've turned the corner
and I have no idea where I am or where I'm going
The street is desolate, dark and dim
and nothing looks familiar.
The block I grew up in was brightly lit
sun shined on a daily basis, I think
but, I'm not sure anymore, for I am here
and can never return to where I once was.