Sunday, December 29, 2013

Everything In Moderation

Many years ago, I decided to go on a diet. I was perhaps fourteen or fifteen, and of course I thought I had to starve myself to lose some weight. My father noticed that I was not eating much, so he sat me down and explained that one need not deny oneself of anything in life, but to do everything in moderation.
"Enjoy eating cake or a plate of spaghetti, just don't eat too much," he said. I have held on to his words of wisdom and have applied them to everything I do. I like spending money but never to the extreme. I love to work but make sure I spend quality time with my family, and I enjoy exercising but I take Saturday and Sunday off.
Diets of any sort seem to require one to stay away from enjoyment; however, moderation allows one to experience almost everything without over doing it.


Anonymous said...

Moderation is the missing link in my life. I love food, and I overeat! I love going to plays, and I pick any type of play and go crazy seeing plays, even if I don't really love them! This blog is particularly true. It is a resolution that I can work on this year. Learn to savor whether it's food or watching a sunset! A little, with intention and mindfulness, trumps binging.

Natala said...

Living in the present can be practiced with everything and anything we do. The other night my husband cooked an amazing meal. I was really hungry and was about to begin eating without thinking about the time and energy he took to cook the meal. I took my first bite and was reminded of Godiva chocolate ( I always savor Godiva chocolate), so I took nearly one half hour to eat that plate of Penne Alfredo with artichoke and grilled chicken. It was delicious. Not only did I enjoy the meal but also appreciated the effort he put into the cooking of the meal. You're so right to speak about being intentional and mindful.