Monday, January 13, 2014

A Dream Deferred

Langston Hughes wrote the poem "A Dream Deferred" in the early 1950's. His poem depicts a sad tale when a dream is deferred but must it be so? What if our dreams don't come true? Should we lay down and feel sorry for ourselves? I think having a dream keeps us alive and motivated; however, if our dream doesn't happen for whatever reason, then it's time to move on and think of another dream. Sometimes people don't even think of having a dream or setting a goal because they might think, "What if it doesn't come true?" But, if one limits him or herself to never thinking about what he or she might become or achieve, then how much is that person limiting their potential. I say dream and dream big. If the dream doesn't come true after you have done everything in your power, then realize that there are many other dreams out there. Dream on.

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