Thursday, January 9, 2014

Healthy Relationships

Gather around you those who support you, love you, and respect you. Have you ever felt drained after visiting a family member or friend? You meet for lunch or coffee and you get there full of energy and vitality only to feel down trodden, sad, and even morose when you leave. Something is not right with that relationship. Of course there are times when we need a friend or relative to listen to us, but if the instances are usually depressing, then the relationship may be hurting not only your emotional well being but also your physical well being.
How about those who don't support your dreams or aspirations? Those are the people who say, "Really? You're going back to school at your age. Do you think that's wise? It will take a toll on your family, you know." Or, how about the one who doesn't support you when you want to lose weight or quit smoking? "Oh, I've tried a dozen times, and nothing works..."
Everyone has a friend or two and a family member or more who fit the category. The trick is to realize when some relationships are toxic and when they are healthy. Evaluating and analyzing relationships is one way to assess who you are and what you need.

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