Saturday, January 4, 2014


Respect only those who respect you as well. If you've ever heard, "respect your elders," then I say, "only if they respect you." I'm sorry but I don't agree with showing respect to anyone unless they reciprocate. Of course I begin by showing respect to everyone regardless of whether they are young or old, but if an individual disregards my kindness and sensitivity, then I dust my shoes and move on. I've seen many become door mats to others because there is no reciprocation of respect.
As a teacher, I began every new school year with this message, "I will always respect you as long as you respect me in turn. I will try to be sensitive to your needs as long as you reciprocate. If you don't, then all bets are off." I also told them, "If I ever disrespect you in any way, please let me know." 
Respect is such an important part of any relationship regardless of its forum. I have known teachers, adults, police officers, priests, doctors, and lawyers who demand respect yet look down on and disrespect students, children, congregants, patients or clients. These relationships usually disintegrate.

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Anonymous said...

Your words could not be truer! Thank you so much for writing these great words of wisdom.