Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mental Well Being

If you need to see a therapist – see one and remember you would seek medical help if you had the flu. How sad that some people would rather believe they have a fatal illness, even though there is no physical malady, than seek a therapist. There remains a stigma connected to mental illness. I've never understood why. 

My mother suffered from severe depression, yet for many years Italian doctors looked at her illness as a physical one. It wasn't until we arrived in the U.S. that we began seeking a therapist; however, I do remember relatives like my aunt and uncle looking at my mother in a peculiar way. I don't remember them looking at my father in an awkward way when he had to see a Cardiologist. My father suffered with heart disease, so he required medical attention on a regular basis.

Our world is a stressful world. We struggle with job related issues, familial issues, traumatic events, stressful news, etc. God bless those who work their way through difficult times without the need for counseling, and God bless those who know they need help and guidance and seek it before the damage requires "surgery."

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