Monday, February 24, 2014


If you hurt someone’s feelings by something you do or say, think about it and try to be more sensitive next time.
My mother, who taught me most of these words of wisdom, was very analytical. She had a third grade education, yet could write better than some college professors I know (myself included) and used to keep the books for her father's business. She analyzed the stories of the saints and then tried to emulate their lives by being as close to perfect as she could be. It was not always easy being her daughter. She wanted and did forgive everyone, everything. Yet, she rarely forgave herself if she wronged someone, and that's the way she raised all six of us.
If someone did something to hurt our feelings, she would tell us to forgive with an open heart; however, if we did something that hurt someone's feelings, then we were to think on it and then ask forgiveness. There were plenty of times when I had to go to a friend's house or visit one of my sister's homes to ask forgiveness for being abrupt or downright rude. 
Sometimes, I think my mother over did it. All of us, my sisters and my only brother, are sensitive as hell - too sensitive. We be linger a wrong (done to us or we did) for a long time until we resolve it one way or another. Yet, she was right to be sensitive; few people are. And, I truly believe we would be in a better place if we did think upon what we do and say either before we say it or afterwards. 

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