Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Power of Women

Last night my husband and I were discussing what it is about women that frightens men or organizations or associations of men. My husband suggested maybe it's that these men fear loss of control because they are not confident; therefore, women would be a threat.
I thought about that, and then I came up with my own theory which kind of extends his theory. I think we women frighten men because WE have such control over them (not intentional by the way). Think about it: the most powerful men in the world have fallen victim to a woman's beauty, sexuality, sensuality, etc. I think of men from the Middle East or men of the cloth like priests, and I think about how the women under the jurisdiction of these men must dress like penguins so nothing shows - god forbid skin shows - because they fear they will be enticed, seduced, and lose control of their physical actions. Here is the clintcher, they (these men) never take ownership that they cannot control their own bodies, no, they blame the women!! My God, how pathetic!
I don't know about other women out there, but a woman would not jump out of her skin (maybe to call the cops) if a man were to walk around  unclothed. Women do not lose control of their actions because a man is strutting around like a stallion.
So, when will things change?
Probably when men begin acting like human beings instead of uncontrollable beasts, literally.
I know of very few men (luckily I'm married to one) who are not threatened by women, who have confidence in themselves and never lose control of their actions. These men are loyal, faithful, and respectful. My brother, my son, and my son in law are just a few of the men I know who respect women as peers and equal members of society.

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