Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When it comes to marriage, Aim High

Marry someone who deserves you. I know I'm on a roll about relationships and how they can sometimes be painful, but honestly they don't have to be. No one says relationships are easy. We all go through tough times when we don't agree on how much money we should spend, or how to discipline our children, or where we should live, etc. But there should never be a time when one partner makes the other partner feel less than. I have listened to husbands call their wives stupid or wives call their husbands idiots, regardless who is doing the name calling, it is wrong, wrong, wrong. When my daughter wondered if she would ever find the right person for her, I recommended she write a list of her attributes. I realize she's my daughter, but I made sure she wrote down: sincere, loyal, honest, generous, etc. I wanted her to include her priorities like family, God, and more. Then I said, "Ok, now find someone who has the same qualities you have and the same priorities you have." She thought it would be impossible to find someone with similar qualities and priorities, but she was wrong. She did find someone who had the similar ideals. No one should settle. Expect more for yourself. Expect someone as wonderful as you are, you deserve it.

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