Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friend: Characteristics

My good friend and I often meet just to write, and then we go out to lunch to reflect and talk about what we've written.
Today, we went to Venice (Florida). It's half way for each of us. We met at ten and wrote till one, talked, and then went to a lovely new restaurant nearby.
She worked on her novel and I wrote about friendships. I wrote about seven or eight poems all on the same topic. It was on my mind. The following is more like a poem than prose, but it reflects my perception of what friendships can be, sometimes.


They teach us lessons
They are the flat characters
in a book
moving the plot along
so the main character
learns how to handle
the difficult times
or to help him/her
through life lessons
Near death ~ when we
reflect ~ we will connect our truths
to those with whom we've been friends.

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