Thursday, March 13, 2014

Love What You Do

I cannot imagine working with someone or someplace where I would be uncomfortable. I have been very fortunate in my employement. Today, I go to work (almost all the time) with a big smile on my face. I have been blessed. However, there are those who hate what they do, where they work, and the people they work with, yet they remain. Why?

I've been teaching my students about cause and effect. I've explained how to learn why something is, one must evaluate, analyze, and research for the answers. Some answers are attained only if we become introspective. For example, why would someone stay in this type of employement? Some may remain at their job because they attain benefits, a good salary, and periodic bonuses. These are all good reasons, but if one is unhappy, here is what can happen to those wonderful bonuses, benefits and salary. Stress brings on mental and physical problems, so the money will most likely either go to the doctor or the psychiatrist. The bonus might be spent on things that one believes will make him or her happy, not realizing that until one works someplace that is emotionally satisfying, one will not be happy. People might think they are stuck because they have never done anything else, so they are not skilled for a different job or they may be afraid of change.

One can make a plan to continue working at the familiar place while going to Vo Tech or college. One can continue to look for a different job that requires similar skills while staying on the job. There are choices; the problem is that most people don't look at the choices as multiple, they look at the choices as either/or like I either get used to this or I will be out of work and homeless. Change is not easy. Change is challenging, difficult, anxiety ridden and more, but not changing may lead to cardiac arrest, cancer, mental illness and much, much more. I say find a place where you will be happy to wake up in the morning, a place that brings you satisfaction of having done something good for others and for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Changing can also lead to other symptoms, such as the ones listed above, as well as trips to a career councilor or psychiatrist based on the stress from the change.

Anonymous said...

The causes of someone remaining in a job that makes unhappy are that they can attain beenfits, a good salary, and periodic bonuses. The effects of someone choosing a job they don't like are stress bringing about mental and physcial health problems. These health problems lead to medical bills from the psychiatrist and other doctors. Also, another effect is that person will remain unhappy.

Natala Orobello said...

Yes, that's the point. I know of many individuals who remain in jobs they hate because the salary is great, yet they suffer from many ailments.