Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Dangers of Gossip

I am sure that everyone has gone through an ordeal with either a family member or a friend. Everyone has disagreements, so we argue and sometimes the argument leads to heightened voices and cruel words. Husbands argue with wives, mothers argue with children, siblings argue and so do friends. The best thing to do is to keep the argument between the people who are arguing because the minute others get into the picture, the gentle flame becomes a roaring fire.

Arguments or quarrels are difficult to figure out even between those arguing. The wife sees only what the husband has done wrong and the husband sees only what the wife has done wrong. Follow this scene, so the wife tells the girlfriend how the argument with her husband went. The girlfriend now thinks her friend’s husband is an idiot and tells the story (with a few particulars left out) to another friend and before you know it, the original couple has always had a terrible marriage and might even get a divorce. Same will happen if the husband decides to tell his golf or tennis buddy.

Gossip helps no one but hurts everyone, and taking sides creates dissonance with all. It is wonderful  to be a peacemaker not a troublemaker. Then not only will we be blessed but so will those who are in a quarrel.

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