Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Evil Eye

I am not a superstitious person. As a matter of fact, I will step on a crack, walk under a ladder, and laugh really hard when baseball players do certain moves each time they go to the plate. However, I must say I believe in the Evil Eye. I didn't believe my mother when she told us to send a prayer to heaven when people complimented us for something, "their jealousy will bring us bad luck."
I poo poohed it thinking it was a Sicilian thing. Not true.
I used to have dozens of indoor plants. They thrived and were in constant bloom. Then, a good friend of mine (or so I thought) said, "Your plants are always so gorgeous. I wish mine could be as beautiful!"
Within the month every single plant got a bug and died. "Just a coincidence," I thought.
Another time someone commented, "Your skin is so flawless. Why is mine terrible?"
The following day I had a zit the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Yet another time, someone else mentioned how my life was absolutely perfect and hers was in shambles.
Within the month three calamities occurred within my family.
Anyway, the  reason I bring this up is because there are people who are envious and jealous and I think they might create negative karma. Perhaps it's a suggestion planted as a seed and it flourishes into a full fledged catastrophe.
These days when someone says something to me about something being perfect in my life, I send a prayer up to heaven and I move on.


Anonymous said...

I always get mixed emotions when someone compliments me, and this might be why I get a guilty feeling if I have really nice things or make my friends jealous.

Kendra Kotlarski said...

When a person compliments you they envy that specific thing about you. In order to prevent bad luck from his or her jealousy you must send a prayer to heaven. If you don't, the evil eye will come and get you!

Anonymous said...

I think that this belief is downright ridiculous. Superstition/religion though, causes people to form habits, cautions, and beliefs that can alter the way they live their life. Your mother advised you to pray to heaven every time someone compliments you, and after receiving compliment bad things in your life happened. this caused you to believe the superstition and pray to heaven while making a symbol every time someone compliments you.

Natala Orobello said...

Yes, I agree that superstitions are ridiculous; however, old habits die hard. Thank you for your wise imput.