Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gnochi with Brocolli and Chestnuts

Imagine a combination of woodsy broccoli and the sweet taste of chestnuts, that's what you will find with this extraordinary meal or side dish. The unfortunate part of this dish is that it cannot be made year round, since chestnuts (not water chestnuts) are available only in the fall. Last year I froze some, but the taste was not the same when they defrosted.

1           head of broccoli,  florets only
2           cups chicken broth
12       cooked & peeled chestnuts
       salt & pepper to taste
3           tbs. olive oil
3     cups water
1           lb. pasta, any kind will do - gnochi is fun

Cut stems from broccoli and save just the florets.  Clean broccoli florets and place in chicken broth. Cook till broccoli is soft.  Cut cooked chestnuts into halves or quarters and add to broccoli. Cook for at least one hour on simmer.

Boil pasta separately, but allow the last five  minutes of cooking time to take place with the broccoli and chestnuts, so drain pasta and place with broccoli and chestnuts.  Drizzle olive oil  over pasta mixture just before you serve.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  If you need more broth, add little at a time, so you have just a little broth with the pasta. May serve with Peccorino Romano.

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