Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Suppose

I suppose there's an angel in all of us, but darn if I can find the angel in me anytime. Today, I became upset with people who don't pick up after themselves. You know who I mean? Well, I'm talking about colleagues who use the coffee lounge and don't clean up their mess after having used either a dish or cup or microwave or toaster oven. Many times, I or others will clean the sink full of dishes or clean the toaster and microwave, but most of us are tired of being the cleaning service.
I wonder what these messy people are like at home. Do they eat and then leave the dirty dishes for their spouse or parent? Is their house a pig sty? Who picks up after them? Do they finally clean up after a week of build up? 
Then I think maybe they're just as dirty on themselves. Do they wear the same underwear until the week is over? Do they return their dirty shirt or blouse to the hanger or the pile in the closet? Do they shower? Can I tell who the culprits are if I look at their hair or stand next to them? Are their toe nails long and unkempt? Do they have dirty finger nails? The list goes on and on.
I remember (I do a lot of this) a fifth grade teacher telling us that it was ok not to have a lot of clothes or not be fashionable, but it was never ok to be dirty because everyone should have soap and water available to them.
Too bad some people never heard her comment. It's really sad some people don't understand that it's insulting to others to be unclean and messy. Dirty people smell. People who don't do their own dishes or clean a microwave they have dirtied are disrespectful to their colleagues because the lounge belongs to all of the employees not just a few.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness? It doesn't matter whether someone believes in God or not. Cleanliness is just plain healthy all around.

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