Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Women have a lot to say. According to Chaucer as he depicts the Wife of Bath in Canterbury Tales, women cannot keep their mouths shut. He suggests that women cannot keep secrets. I think he was on to something. We have to tell someone! Or, we die (or at least we think we will die).
I truly don't know why we can't keep secrets. We end up finding out a bit of gossip from a good friend of ours and then we tell our next best friend, who then tells her best friend, etc., etc., etc. until the secret comes back to us from the person we told the secret about.
Sometimes I think women are dense - I'm dense. Of course I know (don't we all?) but the next time a secret comes around, I tell. Usually, I tell my husband since he's a guy and guys don't tell secrets because they don't really care about secrets or all that petty stuff women care about. I know that once I tell my husband, he'll forget about it (if he even heard me), and then it's over. I've told someone yet nothing damaging occurs.
What's my point? My point is we women must come to the realization that if we gossip about someone then guaranteed someone is gossiping about us, so we should all stop, stop, stop gossiping! It's bad karma and what goes around comes around. I know bad cliche, but what the heck. I'm on a roll.

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