Monday, April 14, 2014

Women Are Different

We women view life differently. If someone we love forgets to call, for whatever reason, we think we've done something wrong. A man will not think about it at all. I used to ask my husband, "Honey what are you thinking about?" He would say, "Nothing." I thought he was lying. I thought he was thinking about something he didn't want to share with me. I thought that maybe he was thinking about work or golf or something. Well, I have learned that when a man says he's not thinking about anything, he really isn't thinking about anything. Ask a woman that same question, and she'll have a million things she's thinking about.
We're wired differently. We can think about dozens of topics simultaneously. It must have something to do with our innate ability to multi-task, since we're born with the natural instinct to mother, and we all know that mother's have eyes in the back of their heads and on the same side as their ears. We hear and see everything, and we think about the world's problems including our own at the same time. These are all good qualities to have until these same qualities ruin our lives.
I know I'm not alone because most of my friends think the same way. A girlfriend doesn't call and immediately we think we did or said something to offend her. If she calls and says she wants to talk, we think we did or said something wrong. We take things personally, so we suffer little hurts over and over again. Men can easily shrug things off like a duck shrugging off water. We women drown - we're not ducks and we're not men.
I would like to learn to stop taking things personally. I wish all women would learn to stop taking things personally, then maybe, just maybe, we would experience less sadness, depression, heartache, and oh so much more.

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