Monday, April 28, 2014

Women need Women

I have not researched this theory, but I do have four sisters, and through the years I'm sure I have known hundreds of women, maybe even thousands if I consider my female students, so maybe I do have some unorthodox data to prove my thesis that women need women.
Men are wonderful - some of them- but they do not satisfy all of our needs. Most men try to solve a problem when a woman complains about something; for example, if a woman comes home from work and has had a bad day, maybe her boss was being difficult or something, a man will usually say something like, "so quit," or he might say, "tell the s.o.b. to take a hike!" This is not what a woman wants to hear. Actually, a woman doesn't want any solutions at all. What she wants is someone to talk to, vent, and then go on with her day. She needs to get it off her chest. Women don't want men to solve their problems. They can solve their own problems. That's why women need women.
When women get together, we take turns bitching and complaining about work, relationships, children, our weight, our hair, etc. Women listen, nod, return the emotion they sense from the other, embrace or tap a hand in comfort and understanding, and are genuinely there for the other person, without giving solutions. Now don't misunderstand, women do give advice but not solutions. That's for the person to figure out on her own.
Women need women as confidants, so we can bounce off ideas or just complain. That's what we do.

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