Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ask for a Promotion, Dammit!

Why don’t women ask for a promotion? So much has happened in the past fifty or so years, yet women continue to minimalize their needs, putting others before them, even strangers. Studies have found that nearly one out of ten women will ask for a raise or promotion compared to nine out of ten men. Men believe they are entitled, while women still believe they should be given the raise or promotion based on their efforts. They simply do not ask!

I once worked for a retail company. I had been working there for quite some time and was still getting paid the same salary as when I had first begun. I was doing the work of the assistant manager while being paid the salary for a clerical. I was discussing the situation with a very wise man (my husband), and he said, “I want you to go in tomorrow and ask for a raise and a promotion. Don’t come home unless you’ve asked!” I know he sounds mean, but he was right. Of course I could go home; he was being forceful, which was exactly what he wanted me to be.

The next day, I approached my District Manager with much trepidation: my face was red, my knees were shaky, and my voice trembled, but I asked and was dumbfounded by his response, “It’s about time,” he said.

That was a lesson well learned. We women deserve to be paid and to be promoted when we have proven we can do the work and do it well. We need not be considered bitchy or pushy. We must get over that and acknowledge that we are being assertive and determined. A wonderful article published by Forbes Women delineates how and when a woman should ask for a promotion. The same may be said for a raise.

“Moving on Up: How to Ask for a Promotion.” Forbes Woman.4 Oct. 2011. Web. 21 May 2014.

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