Monday, May 12, 2014

Friends for Life

I am amazed by the longevity of some relationships. It is a wonder and a mystery how some friendships remain strong through the decades. I've heard of friends staying friends from elementary school through college and beyond. How do these people do it? What's their secret?
I can only go by my long lasting relationship with my husband and my children. We have gone through very difficult times, severe character changes, yet we remain friends. We have adjusted and adapted to changes in religion, education, political affiliations, etc. We don't agree on various topics, yet we agree to disagree. When we're together we can discuss a plethora (I hate that word) of subjects even though we have different points of view.
We are all affectionate, generous, and loving. We forgive each other's faults easily and readily. We love unconditionally.
Maybe that's what really good friends do. Maybe that's why their friendships last forever. They are to each other what families are to each other. Their commitment is made not by blood but by love. There's a lesson in this. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

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