Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Know Your Worth

I don't know when or how women realize their worth. Some women never realize their worth. I think young girls need to be taught to value themselves, so others will immediately know, "This person has confidence. This person is not malleable." Parents, teachers, relatives, and friends can help in many ways by encouraging and challenging girls to do their best regardless the task like fixing the tire, cutting the lawn, building a tree house, etc. Lessons learned in childhood will reap many benefits in adulthood.
My childhood was the typical girl childhood. I played with dolls, cleaned, washed dishes, cooked, and baked. I learned how to sew, knit, and crochet. I was not expected to attend college. My brother learned to cut the grass, fix cars, build sheds, and balance a checkbook. He went to college. He was preparing to lead while I was preparing to follow.
I was in my thirties when I realized I had been short changed. I went to college and the more I learned, the more I realized how poorly prepared I was for the world. I watched my sisters as they maintained the house and let their husbands do the rest. Their husbands set the rules and they followed. Financial decisions were totally the husband's and my sisters knew little of their worth, literally. Their lifestyle motivated me to establish my voice. I began asking questions about our expenses and our financial security. I wanted to balance the checkbook, and for many years I did. I became assertive and learned to make decisions regarding the family and the finances. I learned I was worthy of respect. I wish I had felt that way before my thirties, but I had to learn.

Now, as I hear stories from other women many years my junior, I wish they too would realize their worth!

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