Monday, June 16, 2014


This past weekend I spent two full days travelling to and from New York. I had plenty of time to think about decluttering. My closet recently got a good cleansing. On the other hand my file cabinets should REALLY be purged and so should my container of gift wrapping stuff like wrapping paper, tissue paper and such. Then, as usual, I began to think of my friends. I am getting better at relationships. The friends I have at this point in my life I really like very much. The relationships are meaningful and I think I bring as much to the proverbial table as they.
So, why the discussion of decluttering? I am trying to come to terms with having brought some of my friends to the "Salvation Army." Do you know what I mean? Another words, I have packed them up and shipped them down to someone else because I no longer fit into them like my clothes and shoes. Some of them were so very needy they were painful something like the stilettos I used to wear when I was twenty or thirty. If I wore them now, I would topple over and die from the height. Some I turned in because they were not my style any longer. We had nothing in common and nothing to talk about. We didn't mesh and the fabric of the relationship was too thin to sustain wear.
I am now choosing wisely. Most of my friends have similar interests. We enjoy books, reading them and writing them. We enjoy conversations about literature, art, politics, the economy and the societal changes that are taking place. We enjoy quiet moments when out to lunch and we understand that everyone is just a little quirky. My friends now empower me instead of draining the very life out of me, and I hope I do the same.
Maturity and wisdom have helped me become a better friend to those few I have, and that's another issue I've come to terms with. I do not need a long list of good friends. I need a few who will be there for me as I hope I will be for them. I'm glad I decluttered, but I think I'm done. Like the clothes and shoes in my current closet, these will last.

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