Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Do not hold a grudge –

 It may be easier said than done, but holding a grudge only hurts the holder.

Why do some women (include me in this) hold on to grudges? What is it about us that says, “don’t let it go!”? We remember every wrong done to us regardless how little or big. We must have invented the hyperbole, “You always…” or “I’ll never speak to you again!”
Men have an easier time letting it go. They get angry and then forget about it the next minute (it might have something to do with their short attention span (never mind), yet women keep the memory aflame day after day and year after year. If my husband forgets to say he’s sorry after a misdeed, I become quite sad and then declare, “you never say you’re sorry!”  If a friend forgets an appointment, I immediately remember the five or six times during our fifteen year friendship as, “you rarely keep our lunch dates" (I’m actually going to have to call her).
I know I’m not the only one out there who does this. Friends and neighbors of mine say they are guilty of holding on as well. In some cases it’s very sad because it involves children or grandchildren. Of course there’s those grudges we keep with siblings, but the worst one, I think, is the grudge we keep with our husbands, for they are with us nearly 24/7, and it’s a real pain in the neck (and in the heart) to walk around the house fuming over silly things.
Thank God men can forgive and forget easier. Imagine if they held grudges on what we say or do!!

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Frank said...

I always believe that we are all better than the "worst" that we ever do or say. It's a simple belief and it allows me to maintain relationships that the "offenders" believe may have been ruined.