Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Parental Guidance

         This morning's news brought tears to my eyes and a shudder down my spine. Two twelve year old girls have been arrested in the stabbing of a friend. These young girls had been following a youtube video on Slender Man, a fictional character who supposedly directed them to commit this horrible deed. Now, discussion is rising regarding the effect the internet is having on children. Parents should be much more attentive. They need to know what their child is viewing. There needs to be more supervision and children cannot be left alone to view what they want!
         Parents would love to believe that their child is wonderful and would never do anything wrong; however, this misguided belief accounts for many problems society is facing. Children are placing personal information and meeting with strangers who seem to be kind, genuine, and safe only to be taken hostage and abused. Children are viewing or playing violent games and not distinguishing between fiction and reality.
         Many parents work and come home exhausted, so it is not difficult to understand the lack of supervision; however, a parents work is never done. A parent is a child's mentor and guide. A parent can effectively teach a child the difference between fiction and non fiction. A parent can also teach a child the difference between right and wrong. Children do not know this difference on their own. Parents are their first teachers and their most important ones.
Washington Post Article

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