Wednesday, June 18, 2014


     It is so simple to make a promise yet very difficult to keep. I think that we find it difficult to keep promises because we make promises that are irrational and illogical. For example, how do we know what we will be able to do in a day or a week or a month? Life happens and then we are not able to do what we promised to do.
     "I promise to be at your wedding. I wouldn't miss it for the world." This is easier said than done because we often find out about a wedding months in advance. Anything can happen in between. My father's advice was to say, "I will try to make it," or "I hope I can make it." He never gave a definitive answer unless it was something he could do right away.
     Sometimes we make promises to ourselves that we cannot keep. "I promise to stop smoking before my grandchild is born," or "I promise to clean that closet," or "I promise to lose weight if or when..." For those promises we often find excuses why we cannot possibly do it. A hardship occurs and suddenly one is too upset to quit smoking or clean the closet or lose the weight.
     We even make promises to God or our spiritual guide. These seem to never work. "I promise to do --- if YOU provide ---." Of course in this case God or our spiritual guide is in control, so we find it easy not to keep a promise if the provision did not occur.
     I'm thinking I'm not going to make anymore promises. I think I've made too many that I have not kept. I promise to not make any more promises, and that's that!

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