Monday, June 2, 2014


There is no polite way of bringing up the topic of rape. The Rape Crisis Center suggests that, "every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted." In India the statistics are every 22 seconds. Regardless where rape or sexual abuse occurs, the crime is quite simply not taken seriously enough. Perhaps, that is because many women do not report it. Only a small percentage of women report having been raped because there is still a stigma attached to the abuse.

In many popular religions a woman is viewed as the sinner who tempted Adam to eat the apple. She was and is the seductress.  What was she wearing? What is her lifestyle? Where was she walking? When was she walking? Was she walking alone? Was she home alone? Was her skirt too short, too tight, too long, too loose? Was her blouse too revealing? Was her hair long? Short? Did she wear too much make up or not enough? I don’t think it matters. Locations such as the Middle East where women traditionally wear long dresses and cover their hair report rape cases at an even higher rate than the U.S. So, with whom does the problem lie?

No one forced Adam to eat that damn apple. He took it willingly. No one is forcing Adam to act like an animal when around the opposite sex. He acts that way because he has no respect for women and wishes to control her. The only way Adam is going to change is if Eve puts her foot down, preferably on his genitals. If I sound angry, then it’s more with women than with men. Women stay quiet and harbor the guilt that is not theirs to keep. They keep their mouths shut and let the culprit get away to commit more sexual crimes. Women worry about what it will do to families, friends, acquaintances, and not what it does to them and the rest of the women in our cultures.

Unless women turn the tables around and take action, nothing will change. But, how? The laws must change. Sexual perverts must get the worst possible sentence in order to make them accountable. Perhaps the first offense should merit twenty years in prison without parole, so they are not back on the street ready to strike again. The next instance (and they will strike again), should get them life in prison. Victims live with the crime for the remainder of their lives, so should the assailant. 

Women need to fight to regain control of their own lives and their own bodies.

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