Friday, June 27, 2014


Contours of fresh mountain water; the ecology of easy living
Flourishing springs for feed to geese, fish, cows, and trees.
Pleasant to the eyes from deck, porch or kitchen window see
Blue Ridge mountains mirrored glass of rippling spring water.

This is the view from my log cabin at the Farm
My place of respite from telephones and e-mails.
Tall, thin Hickory trees enhance not hinder the view
The only break in the quiet cold, a dog barking or geese call.

Holidays are spent here with family or just us two
In the Spring we collect daffodils in a field of gold
Fall gathering rusty leaves, hickory pods and pine cones
Summers rafting wild waters in wet glee

The profundity of life escapes analytical intent
As bees fight for sugar with hummingbirds
Or fish jump high to capture flies on the fly
Life continues with simplistic measure

If only I could carry, drag, lift, absorb or digest this wonder
This silence of solitude which surrounds my slice of heaven
And bring it with me to the dissonance back home
To enjoy with eyes closed the freedom of white noise. 

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