Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adopt a Pet

Pets bring much happiness and joy to our lives. Doctors suggest they even help us become calmer and more relaxed. It is true that some breeds can put us in the dog house (or is it poor house?), but they don't have to, especially if one is willing to adopt a pet.
     The local Humane Society usually has well stocked inventory of many different breeds, sizes, and personalities. They offer dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds. Owners bring them to the local pound for a variety of reasons, but the end result is always the same, the adoptee ends up with a wonderful pet at much less than half the actual worth, and most of the time the pet has been fixed and is up to date with immunization.
     Our chocolate Lab came from a Humane Society in Long Island. I adopted Buster when he was only six months old. He brought us fifteen years of love and joy! Billy, our Yorkie, was adopted from a woman in Georgia who was about to bring him to the Humane Society because he did not get along with her other Yorkies. We get along just fine with our Billy and have had him for six wonderful years. A neighbor of ours adopted her Pit Bull (who by the way have been maligned for no reason), a few years ago. He had been severaly abused and left to die. The Humane Society took care of him, but few people wanted the Pit Bull. My neighbor saw him and fell in love with him. He is the gentlest and kindest dog ever!
     Adopting a pet can literally save its life. Your home can become the loving home it needs and your home can give it a loving chance at a good life. So, adopt a pet instead of buying one. Check one out in your neighborhood. And, if you're not sure about adopting a pet; perhaps, you might want to consider volunteering at your local society. You get to play and then go home. It's almost life being a grandparent.

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