Saturday, July 5, 2014

Diet pills don’t work!

     Staying healthy relies as much on diet as it does on exercise. I know that exercise can be a real pain in the butt, yet I promise that exercise has to play a role in good health.
     We are a machine that needs oiling. Exercise is the oiling. Without exercise, we may run but we don’t run efficiently. Walk twenty minutes everyday. Take up dancing if that’s your fancy. Join a gym, sometimes paying for something forces one to use it. Swim if you have access to a pool (that’s the best overall exercise). Take up a sport if you think that might interest you. Anything, as long as you move your body continuously for at least twenty minutes a day. This does not mean housework or yard work or any other work related movement. The secret is to get that heart pumping! A healthy body must be fueled and oiled.  That’s why fast fixes like diet pills do not work.
     I’m sure they work for a period of time, but one must also consider the mental aspect of healthy living. Staying healthy requires not only a physical makeover through diet and exercise but also a psychological makeover.
     Imagine that you are experiencing severe headaches that are brought about by a stressful event you have not conquered. You take aspirin or Tylenol and for awhile the headache goes away, but four hours later the headache returns. Diet pills work in a similar way. You take the pill, your appetite lessens, but you have not focused on the real problem, which may be one thing or many, so you still eat the wrong things or too much of one thing, etc.
     Assessing one’s eating habits is very important. You may realize that you overeat or under eat because of a traumatic event in your past, or it could be as simple as learning which foods are healthy and which are not. Perhaps over eating or under eating is one’s way of dealing with a stressful situation; if that’s the case, then learning to work through those stressful times with a different tool or skill would be helpful. Sometimes counseling or therapy will help evaluate and analyze certain problematic situations.

     Taking a pill will mask the need for a true makeover. Healthy living happens when we evaluate our eating and exercise habits. Taking a pill and then eating a cheeseburger will not solve obesity. Sometimes going to a nutritionist or a therapist is the only way to get down to the real reasons for one’s obesity. Until then, nothing will help, not even a diet pill.

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