Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Garage Sales, Auctions, and Salvation Army Deals

     Years ago my husband and I purchased a home in the mountains. We were very young, yet we already had both our children. We had saved up some extra cash and had made some profit from the sale of Food Lion stocks. Upstate New York is beautiful anytime of the year, and I only wish we had more pictures of those fun filled vacations. Anyway, I’m drifting down memory lane, the house was purchased with furniture included, yet we did not have dishes, pots and pans, curtains, sheets, etc. All that would take a lot more cash than we had. That’s when I began garage sale-ing.
     By the end of our first summer, our home was fully functional, and I managed to purchase some toys for the children as well as some antiques for our vacation home. I had no idea that one could purchase exquisite and expensive items at garage sales. What I finally figured out was that most people had no idea what treasures they were giving away. Sure, some items were sold because the children out grew them, but there were some items like paintings, furniture, vases, etc. that were being sold for as little as fifty cents or a dollar yet worth a small fortune.
     Before moving to Florida, I had a garage/estate sale and in retrospect sold some of my own items for way too little, but that’s the name of the game. Today, I go garage sale-ing for items that appear valuable and for second hand toys that look brand new. When my grandchildren were born, I bought everything I needed for them, from clothing, to bedding, to toys. Many items were new, still in wrapping, and many were barely used. I have never paid more than a dollar for anything because I am always bargaining, which is also the name of the game. Mike usually finds what he wants, tells me about it, and then I bargain.
     I have found wonderful treasures at garage sales, auctions, and Salvation Army stores. I used to be embarrassed but soon dismissed the feeling after I purchased a painting for a little over one hundred dollars only to find out it was worth thousands. That was a good buy and a good sale. I have begun selling some of my purchases, and if I had the time, I’m sure I could have a lucrative business. Anyway, whether you’re trying to furnish a second home or just looking for that wonderful treasure, try these three venues and see what you will find.

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