Saturday, July 12, 2014

Healthy Nails


   I truly do not know why my nails are so brittle, but my sister Marie swears that when she worked at the Pizza place and worked with olive oil on a continuous basis her nails were not only strong but long. She’s right, they were. So, my only answer to brittle nails is that they are unusually dry.
     According to the Mayo Clinic, one should consult a doctor if nails show any signs of the following: change in color or shape; thinning or thickening; bleeding or separation, and redness, swelling, or pain. They recommend that nails should always be kept clean, dry, trimmed, and filed. My sister’s idea of olive oil is excellent or one can use a daily moisturizer. Nail polish is a good idea to protect nails; however, one should be careful about strong nail polish removers that create dry, brittle nails.
     I am always leery about nail salons, since I have had several incidences when a manicure or pedicure has resulted in damaged nails or infections. The Mayo Clinic suggests one check that the salon and the workers are licensed and that the place as well as the instruments are sterile. They also warn against having cuticles trimmed, since this may lead to infection.

     Every woman I know has had one or two nightmare nail stories. I think if one is careful and observant, these nightmares will not happen. My nightmare happened at a well respected nail salon. The place was very pretty, yet immediately I noticed the table where my nails were to be manicured was not clean. Instead of walking away, I mentioned it and the employee smiled and dusted it off. The next day my nails were tender and sore. I removed the nail polish and noticed they were infected. It has taken two years for them to get back to being healthy. Now, I am much more careful. If I’m not happy with the place, I get up and walk out.

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