Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's All About Hair!

     Beautiful hair doesn’t happen naturally for all women. Some of us have to truly take care of our hair in order for it to shine and reflect those variations of color that are so popular today. Most women are not satisfied with their hair, so we try different techniques to create straight hair if we have curly and visa versa. If we have brown hair we want blond and if we’re blond we want red. All those chemicals do damage our delicate tendrils. I have been dying my hair since I was sixteen. I’ve been every color in the charts with a few outside the charts, like orange and green (chlorine turned my attempt at blond hair into a lime color disaster)!
    So, I’ve researched some natural methods that will not destroy hair and if lucky might even enhance the shine and brilliance. According to hair should not be washed everyday, since this tends to dry hair. Those with dry hair should use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and cut down on use of hair blowers and curling irons. During summer months, one should use hair protection against chlorine and beach water. Some ideas for fine or thin hair are to get a blunt cut because having it grow too long will cause it to become straggly. Also, one should apply conditioner to ends and not roots, since this will weigh hair down and let it appear finer. Those with thick hair should consider a layered cut to relieve some bulk and try semi permanent colors, so hair will not increase in bulk.
     Another really fun site has ideas for natural hair color. I’m trying my own concoction of cinnamon tea and chamomile to keep my gray hair from reappearing before my next hair appointment. Here are some natural hair colors for three different shades.
                Blonde: ½ cup lemon juice; ½ cup chamomile per two cups water – brew and set aside. When
               cool, apply to hair and let sit till dry, an hour or two.
                Red: 2 cups water, ½ cups calendula flowers or fresh marigold petals and 2 tbs. hibiscus petals.
               Follow above recipe for application.
                Dark: ¼ cup nettle leaf; ¼ cup rosemary leaf; ¼ sage leaf, and 1.5 cups water. Follow above
               recipe for application.

     I hope some of these will work, so we can stop damaging our hair and make it healthier and stronger. I’m trying my own recipe and applying the color to my eyebrows as well. To tell the truth, the eyebrows are already appearing a bit darker. I’ve been applying the color for only two days and already see a difference! Good luck everyone!!

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