Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Educated People

I have a dream of an educated population
Who open a book and smile with exhilaration.
Where every race regardless of color or creed
Is able to speak with knowledge on topics of need.

My vision includes the hungry, the rich, and the poor
Promoting education in the home and at the pulpit door.
I see an awakening about the power words can wield 
An understanding of the hunger Words can relieve.

The image is peaceful when discussions arise
Where knives and rifles are placed aside
And issues are debated and no one dies.

In this dream, every individual believes what is true
That the learned mind is fruitful and success will ensue.
They realize that the import of past mistakes
is that they are catalysts for future greats.

A country will not prosper if its people do not understand
That nothing is mightier than the confident, fluent pen.
And that nothing troubles world leaders more
 than the powerful intellect of women and of men.

Mothers must raise their children with a keen understanding
That many of life’s challenges can be explained
As long as intellect is chosen and reason rules the land.

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