Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Boomers: Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean Retired

I recently learned that retiring does not mean one cannot take on another job and still receive social security. I especially did not know that once an individual reaches seventy years of age, he or she may take on a full time job and continue to receive social security. I was not aware of that one! Unfortunately, not all Baby Boomers can afford to stay home, travel, and do all the fun things they promised to do upon retirement. Though many Baby Boomers are in good financial standing, there are also many who need to work to continue living the life to which they are accustomed. Not to worry, there are many options.

According to “What Baby Boomers’ Retirement Means for the U.S. Economy,” written by Ben Casselman, former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Baby Boomers continue to work past sixty-five, and it’s a good thing because their participation in the workforce increases economic growth.  Another positive outcome for Baby Boomers who continue working is a longer and more meaningful life. Research indicates that the older generation enjoys working because working provides meaning to one’s life as well as an increased sense of belonging. I know several individuals at my own work place who continue to work, albeit part time, because they love what they are doing and their job provides them with self esteem, and it motivates them to be active and productive.

Working after retirement doesn’t mean working as a greeter at Wal-Mart. There are many sites that provide excellent information regarding job opportunities. I found two that are especially helpful. Boomer Places avails one the opportunity to search for job placement locations. Gives details about the varied sites Baby Boomers can go to and the specificity of each site.
Another very helpful site is Retirement It offers lists of job opportunities according to Title, Company, Location, Industry, and Position type, i.e., part time, fulltime, intern/co-op, and contract.

I think that one should never look at the number on the birth certificate but at the number in one's heart and mind. Of course one's physical well being is very important, but in case you didn't know, Baby Boomers are the healthiest generation! So, health may not be such an issue. When in doubt about when one should retire, take a look at the leaders of our country or better yet our senators or Supreme Court Judges. Many seem to continue working way past their prime, so I'm thinking, why should we?

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