Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby Boomers: Travel

     Most Baby Boomers can be expected to live ten more years than their parents. Many of us have heard the phrase, “sixties is the new thirties,” which suggests that baby boomers not only look younger but also feel younger than their predecessors. 
     Again, it is important to understand that living longer doesn’t necessarily mean living happier, but baby boomers are trying. Oh yes, they are trying. They have invented the bucket list and are determined to live out their dreams. In the interim, some baby boomer couples have been together for well over forty years, so their lives may have become less than passionate. 

     Date night, as I mentioned in the previous post on #Baby Boomers, is a good way to reinvent the romance, but traveling is also a wonderful way to explore and reconnect.
     Baby Boomers love to travel and according to WSJ Baby Boomers make up 80% of cruise travelers. Cruises are wonderful. My husband and I have been on several cruises and we love the fact that once on board we are waited on hand and foot. We also like the idea that tours are provided, so one can appreciate the sites without having to exert too much energy. We have been on cruises in Greece, Bahamas, and Alaska. Each cruise provided daily tours once we docked and the tours were truly exceptional. Of course there are many different types of excursions one can enjoy as well.

     Growing older does not have to mean that travel days are over. Baby Boomers are known to be financially more comfortable than previous generations, so they are more able to travel. Group traveling that is well planned can be a wonderful way to travel. Check out:  This particular site offers a variety of companies that offer tours throughout the world. 

     Baby Boomers are adventurous, and I doubt we will call it quits anytime soon. I believe the old adage that “when times are tough the tough get going.” Marriages that have lasted decades don’t need to end because the passion is gone. The fire can be fanned to life as long as both want the marriage to succeed. Date night or a yearly cruise may be just what the marriage counselor ordered.

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