Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Elbow Pasta With Artichokes

Artichokes are served as side dishes or as part of a meal in most Italian homes. This is my mother's recipe, so it is simple (like many of her dishes), but scrumptious. 

½     lb. elbows
2           large artichokes
1           cup breadcrumb
½     cup grated cheese
1           egg
2           tbs. water
several leaves of parsley
½    onion, chopped
1/3  cup olive oil for frying
1           cup baby peas
1           cup mushrooms (sliced and cooked)
2           chicken bullions (or two cups of chicken broth)
grated cheese for topping


Clean artichokes by removing first layer of leaves and cutting tips off.  Stuff breadcrumb mixture in center of artichoke. 
Breadcrumb mixture: combine breadcrumb, cheese, egg, water and pepper till it has the consistency of play dough.  
Warm the olive oil in large skillet, braise chopped onion and fry artichoke with breadcrumb stuffing side down in oil.  Fry till breadcrumb is golden  brown.
In a separate pot, which is large enough to fit artichokes comfortably, place chicken broth.  Put the artichokes in, making sure that the water does not cover nor will it cover (if it boils) the artichoke tops.  Add the oil and onion in the water.  Now you can add peas and mushrooms.  Cook over low to medium heat for at least one hour or until leaves come off easily and are tender to taste.  Serve with pasta and sprinkle with grated cheese.

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