Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Take The Abuse

I wrote this poem after having listened to more than my share of stories from abused women. As a student in college, I witnessed my first case of extreme physical abuse. During my internship for my Masters in Psychology, I listened to many abused women. As a teacher, I see abuse every semester. These women have one commonality, they all believe the man loves them and will never do it again. These women "love" their abusers not the abuse, and I place quotes around the word love because few understand that love never means abuse.

Take the Abuse
If I say I’m sorry, will you forgive me?
What if, I call you names like stupid,
Will you forgive me?
What if I call you ugly and good for nothing,
Will you forgive me?
So, let’s say I come home one day
I’m beat, tired, exhausted
And you don’t have dinner ready
I yell, “Where’s dinner, you lazy bitch?”
Will you forgive me?
What if, one day I arrive drunk
I had a bad day at work
You upset me with your nagging
So, I hit you, badly and break your nose,
Will you forgive me?
Will you forgive me when I bend your arm
Punch your jaw, break a rib, and you’re
Black and blue
Will you forgive me then too?
What if I bring you flowers, beg on bended knee
“Stay one more time – just this one last time”
Will you forgive me?
What will it take, do you think?
For you to finally say,
"I do not forgive."
Remember this:
each time I asked you to
Forgive my sorry ass
I was
each and every time
saying, “ f--- you.”

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