Friday, August 8, 2014

Yoga: The Way to a Healthier You


     My daughter practices Yoga and swears by it. She began several months ago and claims it calms and soothes. As an early riser, she begins her day with Yoga, so she is calm and flexible both physically and mentally. I haven’t gotten there yet (we started together), but I tend to enjoy fast paced exercise.
     I have taken Yoga classes on and off for many years. I enjoy the exercises, the stretches, and the various, challenging poses, but my main problem is that I forget to breathe, which can be detrimental in a Yoga class. Also, I figure if I'm not lifting weights or working the Eliptical, then I must not be working my heart. I'm wrong.
     Those who practice Yoga are healthier, happier, and straighter. Yes, their posture is wonderful. And, a straight back actually helps one's head, knees, and a multitude of body parts. These very intelligent people learn the essence of proper posture, proper breathing, and proper attitude. 
     I am a firm believer in living right, eating right,  and exercising. It seems Yoga offers all three. As with any sport (is it a sport?), one needs determination and tenacity. After having read several papers on Yoga, I've decided that giving up on Yoga is like giving up on an opportunity to be healthy. 
     I looked up several sites and found one to be quite beneficial. The Yoga Journal at many reasons why Yoga is so very good for physical and mental well being. It’s convinced me that I should give Yoga another chance.
     Yoga Finder will help you find the nearest Yoga classes to your place of residence luck to all of us. A new year resolution in August, why not!


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