Friday, September 5, 2014

Before We Were Parents

This poem was written by Frank Orobello, my son, after his second daughter was born. He is a wonderful poet, one who enjoyes writing when his heart is full of emotion. He adores and enjoys being a father, as one can tell from this poem. I hope he will be willing to share a few more with us.

Before we were parents
Our house seemed a little bigger
Our wallets a little fuller
And our shopping list simpler.

Before we were parents
Sleep didn’t come in shifts
Food didn’t come in bulk
And changing 3 times a day seemed ridiculous.

Before we were parents
We would eat when we were hungry
We would sleep when we were tired
And the bedroom was used for more than naps and nursing.

Before we were parents
Dinner was set for two
We, meant me and you
And People told us we were cute.

Before we were parents
We never had a first aid kit
We never took food on an hour trip
And glass tables and candles didn’t seem so dangerous.

Before we were parents
We had more silverware than plastic ware
Cups came in bigger sizes than four ounces
And I thought a diaper genie was a cartoon.

Before we were parents
We didn’t get mad if the doorbell rang
We didn’t sensor  commercials
And we would shower with the door closed.

Before we were parents
Life wasn’t so interesting
Team work didn’t have such responsibility

And we were not a Family.

© Frank Orobello

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