Monday, September 8, 2014

I Love…

     Remember last Monday I talked about sitting in front of the mirror and learning about who you are? Well, every Monday for the month of September, we will be examining our true selves. Introspection is not something most people do because, to tell the truth, it’s disconcerting. You might think, “If I start looking into who I am, I may have to make some changes.” Not too many people are fond of change. I know I’m not because change can be painful. Today, we will look at fun stuff – nothing painful at all.

     Think about something you love to do. I asked my students this the other day, and they came up with the exact response I was hoping for by the end of class. Ok, so are you thinking about what you love to do? Can you see yourself doing this 24/7? What if you could be paid to do this, would you? When I first started thinking about teaching, I knew I would love to teach, but I was scared to death of standing in front of people. Eventually, I did get over the phobia and became an English teacher. My students thought about some of the things they love to do, and then we discussed how those interests can be turned into jobs. It really wasn’t difficult to brainstorm different jobs for the type of interests they have. They agreed that if they could get those jobs, they would be thrilled.

     So, here are some brainstorming ideas. Do you love to travel? Do you love to be outdoors? Do you hate outdoors? Do you enjoy creating and designing web pages, blogs, etc.? Do you love to cook? Bake? Are you an athlete who just can’t get enough of playing a certain sport? Are you the type who loves to read and write? The list goes on and on. Now, brainstorm the different types of jobs available for those types of interests. What job would that be? Salary should be important only in that it will pay bills, but remember most jobs don’t pay for luxury items until one has had that job for awhile.

     I hope you will work on this assignment. I hope it will give you some insight on the type of job you might love to do, if you are not already doing it. Best wishes.
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