Friday, September 19, 2014

Not Mine

My daughter in law Michelle wrote this poem in 2002 after her doctor found a suspicious lump in her left breast.  Considering her family history, this was not a good thing.  As  she waited for the results from the biopsy she wrote this poem:
Not Mine
My heart stopped, I tried to breathe
I thought of my future and my past
How long will my days last?
Youth does not bring news such as this
I have options, don’t I?
This is bigger than me
What choices do I have?
How quick to die?
How little time to live?
Finally I could hear His voice
I do have a part
I can maintain my heart, my soul
Faced with my own mortality
That might spark a start
Live, love, laugh, play
How could I possibly run away
 from this life He has given?
It was always part of His plan
Why can’t I let Him have His way?
It might mean surrendering today
I have learned that giving in would determine
that my life is not mine
But has always belonged to the Divine.

© Michelle Orobello

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