Friday, September 12, 2014

My Prayer

The following poem was written by my daughter Natalie after our family lost a treasured friend. Though this poem reflects her need to understand why this particular individual passed away at such a young age, it seems to me that one can apply these words toward any situation when we do not understand the ways of the Lord. Our peace and comfort comes from our faith in Him. I believe that is what my daughter learns, and what we can all learn as we journey through life.

Our tears are many, our hearts hurt -
our minds don't understand.
We ask, "why?"
Our voices are angry as
we plead for our desires.

We question again and then
we begin to pray,
"Help us Lord to understand,
help us Lord to accept your will,
Help us Lord to be strong,
to be your servant and help us
provide a place of safety - 
refuge of love for those around us."

We know that we will still cry
our minds will not understand all
but You, Lord will be in our heart.
You will give us strength to walk -
to move forward on this path.
Only You know our destination.
Only You can supply the provisions
needed to get us from here to there.

And, so we must remember 
to lift our eyes
to look ahead at the unknown
not with fear but with comfort
knowing that our God loves us
and will always be our guide.

  © Natalie Orobello

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