Thursday, October 2, 2014

Contract Marriages

     This morning I was watching the morning news and learned that some of our soldiers are advertising on Craig’s List for Contract Marriages (NBC News, "The Today Show"). At first I was aghast. Why would our military men advertise for a wife just so they can gain another thousand dollars a month, knowing this is fraud and will cause we the taxpayers a direct financial burden?  On my drive to work, I began to wonder what would force these individuals to commit such a crime? 

     What is happening in our military that our soldiers are submitting to illegal practices in order to remain financially afloat? The question reminded me of chopping off the hand of the young boy who steals bread in order for his family to survive. Drastic analogy? Yes, but look at some of the facts.

     The median salary for a recruit in the Army is nearly twenty-seven thousand dollars (benefits included). By comparison, a fire fighter generates a median salary of over forty-three thousand dollars and an extra eighteen thousand dollars in benefits. A police officer in the United States can be expected to make nearly seventy thousand dollars with benefits (  The discrepancy is monumental. Each of these job titles involve placing one’s life on the line, with our military men and women taking much more risk of mental, physical and emotional consequence!

      Is it any wonder they are looking for creative ways to implement their meager salaries? Not only are they not being paid enough but also they are not being fed enough. The majority of American prisoners are being fed three meals a day, yet our soldiers are getting only two meals a day.

CNN Link: Chow for Our Troops

     Perhaps, instead of punishing these individuals, the administration should start looking into how much (or how little) we pay our military men and women and credit them financially for the job they are doing in protecting our freedom and our lives.

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