Friday, October 24, 2014

Let Children Be Children

Ny daughter Natalie has been taking care of children since she was twelve years old. She progressed from babysitting, to being a Au Pair and then teaching. She understands children better than anyone I know and children follow her as though she is the Pied Piper. I love this poem because it gives good advice to those parents who can't wait to see their child walk that first step, talk that first word, or loose that first tooth.

Do not rush the children
they are young only for so long.
There will be plenty of time
spent worrying and working.
But there are only a few years
enjoying the beauty of the rain,
the plight of the caterpillar
the glory of running free
or the building of a sand castle
before the wave.
They are only children
and for now
That is all they need to be.
© Natalie Orobello

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