Thursday, October 30, 2014

Women's Rights

This is not an official, scientific research based article. The majority of my findings are from my classes. I polled several classes to find out how many women (if the females are too young for marriage, I ask them to refer to their mothers) still do laundry, cooking, vacuum, and child care. The results are almost 90%!!!! The best part (or worse) - these women also hold jobs, if not full time then part time. Where did we women of the sixties go wrong? Did we slack off with our own girls? Did they drop the ball with their girls?

We burned our bras, raised our skirts, found our sexual voice, etc. etc. etc., and yet here we are fifty years later and we’re right back where we started from except now not only do we do the laundry, vacuum, cook, and take care of the children, but we also work full time!!! OMG! We’re still being paid less than men and we’re still being kept out of some “male” oriented positions like military combat. One of my students recently told me that when she was in the military, even though, the number between men and women was equal; the bathrooms catered to men not women. Really?

Ok, why aren’t things changing? I’ll tell you what I think. You can agree or disagree. I think  this younger generation is not willing to fight. Here’s one remark another of my students made, “Do you realize how long and how hard it would be to change the current trend?” Really? Of course I do. We did it in the sixties; women suffragettes did it in the early 1900’s till they won the right to vote in 1920. Change is never easy. Change takes sweat, blood, and tears.

I’m encouraging my students to speak up. If they want things to change, they have to voice their objections whether in the home, workplace, community, or country. Nothing is ever changed by silence, nothing.  

© Natala Orobello

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