Monday, November 17, 2014

Encourage Creativity

Children are creative. It’s in their natural design. They have make believe friends, live in a castle, and picnic in the den. They build tents under the bed and have pretend teas with their stuffed animals. So, creating a story with them can be fun and instructional without their knowing.

Every child develops individually, so it is important that parents and relatives understand that not every child will be ready when the adult is ready. Once the two agree that they want to do this, then the adult can begin with the concept of the story and the first line of the story. The child can add a few words or a full sentence to continue the story. I used to do this with my children on the ride to Upstate New York from Bayville, Long Island, a three hour ride.

We “wrote” short stories or poems. When we created short stories, they learned about plot, conflict, dialogue and resolution. For our car poetry recitals, they learned rhyme and rhythm. We laughed at some of the funny stories and poems we wrote, but the creativity helped pass the time and in retrospect may have helped my children become amazing poets (I think they’re amazing in everything) and writers.

I have created power point stories, on site plays, and poetry contests to promote interest in writing. Two of my grandchildren already write stories! Encourage reading and writing from an early age, and the results will be remarkable and rewarding.
© Natala Orobello

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