Monday, November 24, 2014

On Being a Grandparent

When our first grandaughter was due, I went out and bought several books on how to be a great grandmother. There were chapters on ways to bond and ways to interact as they get older. The day she came home, I smiled for twelve hours straight, so much so that I had a tremendous headache that night from smiling too much. I was lucky enough that my daughter in law and son are so wonderful. They let me hold her to my heart's content, except of course when she needed to be fed.

I did help with the housework, laundry, dusting, sweeping, etc. but I was welcomed to change the baby and bond with her, which was so very special. I watched her sleep and remember thinking that my heart would burst for the love of her. What I learned in those early months and first few years is that children don't really want to be entertained. They want to be loved, and of that I had plenty.

Mike and I try to do as much as we can with our grandchildren. We take them to the park, to the beach, to the theater, etc. and we plan many fun activities with them, but the most important aspect of our time together is that we are together. They know without asking that we love them and that we will protect them from any harm. They know that we want to spoil them, yet we want them to be kind and respectful.

Being a good or great grandparent doesn't mean giving grandchildren everything they ask for (even though we want to), it means spending time with them to read, talk, whisper, and tell stories. It's about being together with love.
© Natala Orobello

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