Monday, November 3, 2014

Technical Literacy Bandwagon

Several weeks ago my nine year old granddaughter and I were in our home library reading one of her “fun” books from her own library. The book was Dorko The Magnificent written by Andrea Beaty. Olivia would read a chapter and I would read the next. Unfortunately, the weekend came to an end, but we did not complete the book!
I had enjoyed reading the Y.A. novel and decided to borrow the book from our local library. When I got home, I read a few more chapters and then came up with a great idea. I would email Olivia with my comments on the book. Then, if she wanted to, she could respond to my comments and add her own. The next morning I emailed Olivia. The results have been better than I expected.

Olivia and I discuss characters, conflict, plot and theme. The wonderful part of all this is that she doesn’t even realize we are covering all the aspects of a novel because our conversations go something like this:
Hi Olivia, I just read a few chapters from Dorko The Magnificent, and I'm so happy to hear that his grandma is helping him with his Magic. She's a little weird, but I like her, and I think Dorko is starting to like her too. I'm at the point where he is getting ready for the magic show. I can't wait to see what happens.
Love you and keep reading - or are you done? If you are, don't tell me about the ending. I want to read it for myself.
Nonna, I finished the book .The ending is really cool. His grandma helps him, so his magic is good. I enjoyed the book! I LOVE YOU so much! Are you enjoying the book?

We are now reading, “Magic Marks the Spot,” by Caroline Carlson and continuing the communication with my granddaughter. I thought about what a great idea it would be if grandparents from all over the country would join up with their grandchildren to read books together, so they can discuss them either through email, chat rooms, Skype, or the good old telephone. Who better to promote literacy? Come on grandparents, or aunts or friends, join the group and start a technical literacy bandwagon.

© Natala Orobello

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