Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner - Italian Style


17-18 lb. turkey
Defrost in refrigerator the morning before (24 hours).
Clean exterior with salt and lemon, rubbing the two ingredients into turkey skin.  
Remove all gizzards (can be used in gravy later and don't forget to check beneath neck flap), and clean inside of turkey as well with salt and lemon. 
Rinse with ice cold water.  Drain thoroughly and continue to drain overnight in a deep bowl which has a small soup bowl at bottom. This will catch excess water. Keep refrigerated!


2          cups rice
1          package mushrooms chopped, cooked, and drained
1          small package baby peas
1/2       cup grated cheese
2          stalks celery deveined, and chopped fine
1          large onion chopped fine
3          cloves of garlic chopped
2          sprigs of parsley - chopped
salt & pepper to taste

2          tbs. olive oil
1          small onion
3          cloves garlic
½         cup grated cheese
2          sprigs parsley - chopped
1          loaf Italian bread (3 days old), soaked, squeezed, and broken into bite size chunks
salt & pepper to taste

Rice Mixture:
In large skillet warm  2 tbs. olive oil , when warm and soft, add celery and slowly cook till soft, then add onion; when slightly soft, add chopped garlic.  Add mushrooms, peas, parsley, salt & pepper. 
Cook rice.  When rice is cooked, add to mixture from skillet, which has been placed in a very large bowl.  

Bread Mixture:
Begin with 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the same skillet you used for rice portion. Add more chopped onion & garlic.  Once these are translucent, add the bread, which has been soaked, squeezed dry and broken into bite size chunks, till it ABSORBS the olive oil and mixes well with ingredients, add cheese at end.  

Then mix all ingredients together (rice and bread mixtures). Stuff both cavities of the turkey. Bake according to turkey directions.
© Natala Orobello

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